November 2016 Advent Prayer Stations

Tuesday 29th November, 2016.


Today Rev Julie and Katrina hosted a celebration of the beginning of Advent at St Mary’s church with a beautiful day of Prayer Stations. The children from St Mary’s school always enjoy visiting church for Collective Worship, but today was extra special as there was an opportunity to pause, ponder and focus on the story of Christmas.


There were several different prayer stations, all of which were designed to get the children to pause, ponder, and think about what they wanted to say to God. One of the prayer stations encouraged the children to think about which character from the nativity they would like to have been. Everyone drew a picture of themselves and placed them in the nativity scene beside their favourite character. The children were then encouraged to close their eyes and ask God to help them as they journey towards Christmas.


Some of Maple class said they would like to be one of the Wise Men so they could try riding a camel, others were not so sure that riding a camel would be much fun! Maple class said, “I can’t remember what they said and didn’t take a photo but I will pop in tomorrow and have a look!” Maple class said that they really enjoyed being quiet and looking at pictures of the Christmas Story.

img_1021Cherry class said, “We thanked God for Christmas and prayed, ‘Dear Lord thank you for our daily bread. Spread your light across the world. Amen.’ We enjoyed writing prayers and reflecting on pictures from the Christmas story.

Willow class said, “We really enjoyed pondering, and sharing time with others. We prayed for a Happy Christmas and thanked God for giving us Joy. The activity we enjoyed the most was making the Prayer Chains.”

img_1017Lilac class said, “The thing we enjoyed most was being quiet and writing prayers. We liked to remember the meaning of Christmas and thinking about the ‘why’ of everything. We were grateful in our prayers, and asked God to help us to remember not to be greedy.”

img_1022Thank you very much Rev Julie and Katrina for creating such a beautiful space for us all to reflect the meaning of Advent and Christmas and for giving us the time and encouragement to be closer to God through prayer