At St Mary's, we ensure that anti-bullying is a priority and one that all members of the school community share responsibility for, including pupils and parents. We have an Anti-Bullying Steering Group comprised of staff, parents, governors and our UKS2 Pupil Governors, who have undertaken an evaluation of the quality of the school’s current anti-bullying provision and are working hard to make sure St Mary's is a safe, open and caring environment for all. Our current members are:

  • Miss Banks (Senior Teacher)
  • Mrs Trengove (Lilac Class TA & Thrive Practitioner)
  • Hilary Rowberry (Governor)
  • Kay Carpenter (Parent)

Please do come and speak to us if you have any questions or you would be interested in joining the Anti-Bullying Steering Group!

Miss Banks
Lead Teacher for St Mary's Anti-bullying Provision

Mrs Rowberry
Lead Governor for St Mary's Anti-bullying Provision