April 2015 – Super St Mary’s & Rocking Responsibility by Lovely Larch Class

Super St Mary’s & Rocking Responsibility by Lovely Larch Class

Posted on Apr 25, 2015


This week lovely Larch class (KS1) have been writing about super St Mary’s. The children were inspired by the work completed over the Easter holidays to write a newspaper style report on the redecorating work that has been done, and how they feel about it. The children interviewed each other to get quotes and drew some beautiful pictures. Please scroll down to see their wonderful work.

"Stunning St Mary's" Super St Mary's is super and everyone is welcoming but we need to look after it. Changes: there ate so many changes like the walls have been painted blue and we have new coloured carpet. We also have a Quiet Room. Th teachers have done al of this for us. They have fighter dust, spiders and much more. Quotes: "The school is outstanding." said Ellie "The school is awesome and fun." said Scarlett

"Super St Mary's" St Mary's are good as a team. They want to make it outstanding, even better their best is outstanding. Changes: St Mary's are good. We want to make it clean and safe. For us we love St May's, at school we get treats like playing! Quotes: Ziggy said "The school is outstanding." Edward said, "100 out of 10" Lily said, "The best school in the whole wide world!!!" Come and visit St Mary's!!!

"Super Stunning St Mary's" Super stunning army has h made many different changes. They have changed the tunnel in to the Quiet Room because the reason that we are changing stuff is because we want to make the school outstanding. Well we already have manners, outstanding behaviour, even better... Devon thinks, "It is the best school in the UK, or the world even!" Include other pupils in your games! Make new friends. Tidy up after yourself. Say please and thank-you.

"Outstanding School" We are working together to try to make the school outstanding and we are! Quiet Room: You must be in with an adult. If you're in there you must be quiet. Teachers: The teachers have been working hard to make the school better and it is better and one of my favourite changes was how we have new windows. Children: The children have been working hard to get the school outstanding and it is.

"Rocking Responsibility" We are trying to be outstanding every day. Changes over the summer holidays - the teacher fitted to being at home to make stunning changes. We have painted the halls blue and we have changed our resource room to a quiet room and changed the photocopying room to a teaching room and lots more.  Value: Our value is responsibility and we have thought about what is our responsibility at home and at school. Quotes: Edward said,"our school is the best in the world". Come and visit us.

"Wow Work" All of our outstanding work has gone on our beautiful Working Wall! The wow work that we have done. Amazing work, stunning work, outstanding work! Seen said: the school was outstanding. Mrs Charman said: the school was calm and quiet Marcus said: it was outstanding and incredible. Huge said: it was outstanding because they do play leaders Edwards said: it was pretty much outstanding and pretty much incredible

"Super St Mary's" There have been lots of changes at St Mary's over the half term.  Changes!!!!!! There are lots of changes. The walls are repainted. They are making a difference to everything.

"Stunning School" A school that was bare now descends an army of people who battled spiders and dust! Chage is around the school, lots of interesting rooms like the Meeting Room. Ed more and you will find out more. Quiet Room. The quiet room is a new addition to the school. Come and see on Open Day!

"Brilliant St Mary's!" The school us outstanding. St Mary's is outstanding and all the teachers have been changing the school.  Changes! At St Mary's School we have a lot of changes because all the teachers are changing the school over the Easter holidays. Quiet Room: the quiet room is for people who need to calm down. Hall: the hall is a room where we have assembly and lunch. Playground: the playground is a big playground and where all the children play. 'St Mary's is outstanding.' Ziggy said.

"St Mary's" St Mary's is becoming outstanding.  Corridor: the corridor has changed a lot!  Quiet Room: the quiet room is a place where we can calm down! Come and see our school!

"Excellent St Mary's" Our school is outstanding. Quiet Room: the Quiet Room is somewhere you can calm down. Teachers: the teachers had to battle spiders and creepy crawlies and moving heavy objects like fridges, printers , laminators, planks of wood and books. Ziggy says: incredible! Lily says: the school is incredible! Come and visit our outstanding school!

"Outstanding St Mary's" Super St Mary's have worked really hard. Clubs: Monday - Karate, Tuesday - Mathletics, Wednesday - Dance, Thursday - Football, Friday - Mr D's. PE: PE is outstanding because you get to learn lots of sports games. Marcus: the school is outstanding. Yasmin: Our school is trying to be outstanding. Come and see our school.