April 2015 – Water is our world – Stunning Start

Today was a celebration of our Stunning Start for our new Learning Journey – Water is our World. The afternoon started with an assembly which explored the importance of water in our lives and how that impacts both locally and internationally. Children looked at photographs of children from our link school in Kajendere, Malawi and how water affects life there. A small group of children performed the drama which they had created at the Open Afternoon on Saturday – everyone was very impressed by what they had acheived.


The school then split in to their 4 houses – Cuckmere, Rother, Teise and Medway, to complete various activities and compete for the most house points.

Don't spill a drop! Mr Turnbull tackling the Assault course.

Don’t spill a drop! Mr Turnbull tackling the Assault course.

The first group headed up to the playground where Mr Turnbull and Mrs Johnson had set out a challenging assault course. Children were tasked with completing as many circuits of the assault course as they could without dropping any water. As you can imagine some children were extremely careful not to spill a drop and others revelled in spilling the entire pint over their heads!



In Willow class another house was looking at the Starfish Malawi song and making up movements and actions to enhance the meaning of the song. Children were being challenged on their team working skills as well as their star quality.



Meanwhile in Lilac class another group were using the laptops to research information about the rivers that the 4 houses are named after. The group research was then collated to created a house poster providing information on the relevant river.

Researching information on the Cuckmere River and designing an informative poster.

Researching information on the Cuckmere River and designing an informative poster.

Finally in Cherry children were challenged to filter pond water. They worked in teams to consider the best materials to filter water, methods of filtration and the final results were measured against one another. In case you were wondering none of the water ended up being at all clear and the children sensibly decided that none of it was suitable for drinking and that water filtration is a pretty complex process.

Filtered - but not clear enough to drink!

Filtered – but not clear enough to drink!

The afternoon finished with another assembly to reflect on the afternoon’s learning. Water bottles will be given to the children as a reward for all their hard work. There was some debate about which team won the most points for the afternoon’s activities so we eagerly await the results….


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