Art Week

Friday 2nd October, 2015


This week at St Mary’s everyone has had a fantastic time celebrating Art Week. During this week everyone enjoyed their usual Maths, English, Writing and Reading in the morning and then experienced some incredibly creative and inspiring art sessions in the afternoon.

At the start of the week children learnt how to draw self-portraits and the techniques and tricks which artists employ to master this incredibly difficult task. The results were amazing. Everyone was incredibly brave and a huge amount of effort and concentration resulted in some very high quality pencil drawings. Later in the week the children completed their portraits by painting a Viking body and hemet to transform themselves in to a rabble of vicious Vikings as part of our IMG_4725Invaders and Traders learning journey. Children have been learning about adjectives this week and so were able to use their skills to invent their own Viking name. There were some terrifying Viking names such as Oliver the ‘orrible, Devon the devilish and Feargus the fearsome. Once the portraits were completed a viking long boat appeared in the main hall and the portraits are now all on board the boat. It was quite a feat to get almost the entire school on one boat. Do pop in to the hall during our open day and enjoy the display.


During the week the children were very excited to have a visit from HARTS who came to run an Illustration workshop. HARTS also left some bunting for the children to decorate in celebration of The Big Draw which was held on Saturday 3rd October.

Much of the beautiful art work produced this week will be on display during our school Open Day on Saturday 10th October from 2-3.30. Please do come in and see the children’s fantastic work.