It was a gorgeous summers day as we set off as a whole school and parents to the woods.

The children were fantastically independent in their walk and we spent time listening to and spotting crickets and grasshoppers in the meadow as we waited to climb the stiles. Some children were even quick enough to catch them!

The children showed their parents how they start their forest school session by finding two sticks and tapping rhythms with them.

And then they were off into the woods! They put up the slack line first of all.

There was lots of creative den making throughout the day.

Then the children taught their parents to print with foraged leaves. They then cut up some elder branches and made some necklaces from them.

They also got creative making all sorts of things out of wood throughout the morning.

The year 6 children showed what they had learned about resilience and strength and jumped the fire as part of their transition from the end of their primary experience.