A fun and enriching day was had by all on Tuesday, as the whole school paused to celebrate and learn about the British Values. It was wonderful to see the children in such brightly coloured clothes to represent the Union Jack flag, so thank you for all making such an effort! The children were split into their houses for the day, with the Year Sixes helping to look after their Maple Class Buddies, proving themselves the responsible and helpful people we know they are. The teachers planned and prepared workshops to focus on one of the British Values, so that all five would be explored throughout the day…


We used the book ‘Farmer Duck’ to think about why we all need to help and have a say to create a fair place to live. We thought about why Democracy is important and how we use it at school with class votes and our Pupil Governors.


We looked at what creates our own personal identities, whether this be our eye colour, a favourite hobby or a belief. We compared them with our friends and spoke about how these differences don’t stop us from being friends or helping and caring for one another.

Mutual Respect

The story of ‘Bugs in a Blanket’ taught us that it is important to always be respectful of others and expect the same in return.

Individual Liberty

With the help of Roger Daw, who runs a Youth Group in Seaford, we explored the idea of freedom and our human rights. We spoke about when people use this for good and compared it with the idea of liberty in other countries and in history. We all felt really lucky to be a British Citizen after learning about liberty!

Rule of Law

With the help of the story ‘Little Red Hen’, we explored how we need to follow rules to ensure everybody is treated fairly. We looked at what could happen if we break rules and the difference in outcomes when we follow them.

Impace & Knowledge Gained

As a result of learning about the British Values, we have already seen the children demonstrating and applying their new knowledge in their classrooms and on the playground. The children really enjoyed learning about what helps create their identity and they now have a renewed respect for themselves as individuals, as well as for their peers and adults both in and out of school.