It was a warm summer’s day, so along the way to the woods, the children spotted summer plants and trees and looked closely at the growth of the plants from last session.

Some found moths, ladybirds and spiders on the plants.

In the Meadow the children learned to play ‘Spirit of the Forest’ by becoming woodland animals. They had to run through the forest without being touched by the ‘spirit’. If they were, they turned into trees and were able to use their arms as branches to capture more animals. Some children were excellent runners and others were brilliant at becoming animals and trees.

This term Cherry’s learning journey is ‘Famous Faces’. So they had a go at creating some of their own once they had got to the woods. Some created ‘Green Man’ faces on trees with some clay they had dug from the ground and some followed their imaginations to create some brilliant, individual clay sculptures.

The impact of Forest School can be seen through the skills, tools used, art and craft activities, observations and knowledge of the fruit, plants trees in relation to the seasons and the skills involved in learning how to play Forest School games.

Cherry class had identified and collected some wild flowers and plants along the way, so some had a go at weaving them into the loom.

They balanced on the slack line, swung on the hammock and had a good explore of the stream, noticing how it had dried up in the hot weather.