It started to rain as we set out, but we managed to have a great afternoon anyway!

We talked about the points of a compass and identified features of the village which were to our North, South, East, and West. We looked a maps of our journey and then worked out that we needed to head west, to get to the woods. There were some lively horses in the filed over the style, so we stuck together and calmly walked past them.

There were lots of hazel and willow catkins hanging from the trees. Some of the children had a great time collecting them to make potions with in the woods.

We listened to the whistling call of the Great Tit along the way.

As part of Fair Trade Fortnight, we drank some delicious hot chocolate when we arrived in the woods.

The children made time for climbing, making up their own lasso game, swinging and we finished the day with a woodland whisper. The children have to stay silent and pass a whisper along the line to the end….this is quite a challenge with 30 children, but it allows them to have a moment of quiet and listen to each other and the sounds of the woods before they leave.

Thank you to our volunteers for making this learning experience possible for the children.