The Impact of Forest School for the children is the knowledge the children have gained from the Forest School experience.

The impact can be seen through the skills, art and craft activities, observations and knowledge of the fruit, plants trees in relation to the seasons and the skills involved in learning how to play Forest School games.

This week the plants we saw were hazel trees, oak trees and bramble bushes.

Today we listened to a story from a book called ‘Lost Words’. We learned how an acorn is from an oak tree and how to identify an oak tree from it’s leaves and whole tree.

The children were challenged to look for, collect and learn the name of a fruit and a nut.

The class topic is ‘Heads, shoulders, knees and toes’ this term. The children all learned and joined in with the action song ‘Tony Chestnut’

When we got to the woods the children used their collections of nuts and fruit to create their own natural collage of a person.

Then the children made frames around their artwork, to really show it off in our woodland gallery.

Then there was time for the children to follow their own ideas and imaginations. Here is a den part way through it’s construction. They have grand plans to make it better next time!

The children were silent for a woodland whisper, which started as hazel nut and ended up completely different! We learned how words can be changed as they are passed along! We will keep practising next time!