The rain fell harder than it has all winter. We decided that we needed to brave it and go and have a look at the effects of the flooding.

The rain had made huge puddles under the railway bridge. The children had a great time splashing in them and discussing their depth.

We took a look at the river Medway. The river had swollen so much that it was only a couple of centimetres under the bridge. Some water had flooded onto the field. The children talked about how the river may rise overnight as it flow down off the fields.

By the time we had returned to the bridge 20 minutes later the water had risen loads!

The children showed the IMPACT of Forest School on their scientific questioning and use of maths language to describe the depth of the water and the length of the puddles.

They also showed the impact of the Art curriculum lessons, by noticing the amazing patterns the flowing water and raindrops made as they fell in puddles.

We returned to school and talked about what we had noticed this week. Then everyone had a go at writing

At Forest School I…..

What an amazing afternoon! Well done Cherry class for a wet weather adventure.