We walked to the woods in the Autumn sunshine and stopped to collect some wheat which the children found along the way.

Once in the woods, the children made potions, mixing the wheat, leaves, mud, moss and water together.

The children have been learning about ‘The Great Fire of London’ all Term as their learning journey. They all made Tudor houses as part of their homework, which we took to the woods to have a go at seeing how the great fire spread.

The children had a go at using flint and steels to light small fires in steels, which they then transferred to their Tudor houses.

The children sand ‘London’s burning’ as a round, using sticks to tap along to the rhythm of the song.

The children tested the wind direction and speed by dropping leaves and seeing where they drifted to. They explained that this was how the fire spread.

Once the buildings had burnt to the ground, the children used what they knew about how to put out fires, by using water to carefully cool the ashes.

What a fantastic afternoon, really well done to Cherry class for being so enthusiastic and involved in their learning. And a huge thank you to the volunteers for their help with the day!