Tuesday 5th February was Chinese New Year, so as part of their topic ‘Where in the world are we?’, Willow class spent the day exploring this important Chinese festival.

The class spent the morning rotating around 4 different activities. These included having great fun following a recipe to make Dim Sum (steamed buns) using lots of exotic ingredients! They had a go at writing their name in Mandarin and if this wasn’t enough, undertaking addition sums also in Mandarin! The children also had an opportunity to explore a variety of texts to find out as much as they could about Chinese New Year and why it is important to Chinese people. Before the morning was out it was time to cook the Dim Sum in a bamboo steamer – it smelt amazing! Once cooked the children enjoyed tasting the Dim Sum along with prawn crackers.

In the afternoon Willow classroom was unrecognisable as it became submerged/enveloped in cardboard, fabric, paper plates and huge amounts of orange and red paint. The task – to create a Chinese dragon. The children spent the whole afternoon painting, cutting, sticking and stapling to create this 3-D creature – they had a great time! The teachers were so proud of the children’s collaboration, resilience, and determination to develop the dragon. It was a great example of team work.