Friday 28th November 2015


IMG_5390Today the school was full of the smell of oranges, the sparkle of tinsel and the temptation of sweets. Rev Julie from St Mary’s church came in to make christingle candles with all the children.

The children learned how the orange represent the world, the red ribbon represents the blood and love of christ, the four cocktail sticks with jewels (sweets) represent the four seasons and the candles represents the light of god.

Please join us in St Mary’s church at 10am on Sunday 30th November for our christingle service.


Sunday 29th December, 2015


This morning at church St Mary’s school choir performed “Hope of Heaven” at the Christingle service. The children sang beautifully and shone even more brightly that all the Christingle candles which filled the church. Well done children for such a beautiful performance and thank you to Mrs Stirrat for working with the choir.