December 2016 Straw and Order Nativity

dsc01409On Friday 16th December St Mary’s staged a fantastic Christmas production. This year the nativity play was called ‘Straw and Order’ and centered around a court room drama where the cows and donkies were fighting over who owned the stable. Fed up by their petty squabbles and confused by the nature of the case, Judge Grumps was far from happy. Seeing this, the narrator offered to take him out of the courtroom to witness the night’s events first-hand. As the judge encountered bickering innkeepers (brilliantly played by Maple class), self-important wise men (played by the wonderful Willow), cool shepherds, some dsc01468dancing sheep (both played by the amazing Cherry class), everything started to become clear. Rushing to the stable, the judge was humbled by the sight of Jesus and when he and all the characters experienced the peace and love that this special dsc01445baby has brought in to the world, it seemed that the judge’s verdict was inevitable.

The performance was finished off with a rousing version of ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’.

Thank you very much to everyone involved in putting on this performance. Particularly to Miss Calton, Mrs Slowgrove and all the class teachers and TAs. Also to St Mary’s church for lending us their sound system and the Huxtable family for helping us with our scenery.

Please scroll down to see lots of photographs from our performance. To see a larger version of each photo please click on it.