Willow Class – Engineering Day



On Thursday 6th December, Willow class spent the morning being Engineers! Mr Martin-Lawrence came in, bringing with him a robot and lots of other fantastic electronic activities for the children to have a go at! To start the morning, he spoke with all the children about his job and how he got interested in engineering which definitely seemed to resonate with some of the children.

Programming a Robot

The children then spent the morning rotating around a variety of different activities. They used ipads to programme a robot to follow different commands and had great fun watching it spin its way around Larch!

They also had a go at making different elements work by clipping different parts of a circuit together to make a lamp light up or a rotor spin. Whilst they weren’t busy doing that, they were trying their hand at programming using scratch and another Minecraft themed game on the laptops. This definitely tested their patience, perseverance and team work! 

What a fab way to finish off a term’s worth of learning about engineering! A huge thank you to Mr Martin-Lawrence for spending his morning with us – the children (and adults!) hugely enjoyed themselves and learnt a lot.