This is our very first Fairtrade Fortnight at St Mary’s, as we work our way towards achieving our first FairAware Award. As the theme this year is Cocoa we thought it would be fun to hold our very own bake off at school and the children did not disappoint with an overwhelming range of delicious homemade bakes. Thank you to Mrs Thurman (our parent/chef/food blogger and creator of Feed The Brood) for coming into school as our guest judge and single handedly tasting every single cake before choosing a final selection of nine cakes for the categories of Fair-licious – the most yummy tasting cake, Fair-innovation – the most unusual cake or design and Fair-aware – the most number of Fairtrade ingredients used in one bake. Congratulations to all our winners and to all the children who took part and helped raise just over £100 from the cake sale that followed in the afternoon. You are all Fair- Amazing!!!