February 2015 – Step Back In Time, Stunning Start

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith the New Year up and running St Mary’s showed its commitment to inspiring children and putting on excellent events for pupils and their parents. After already hosting some fantastic events St Mary’s once again opened its doors to parents to celebrate, alongside their children, the learning which is to take place over the coming months. Having already explored ‘Farm to Fork’ and hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, it was time to take ‘A Step Back in Time’.


Anyone entering the school on a seemingly ordinary Tuesday would be greeted by a display of creativity and improvisation. It would appear that the entrance to the school had somehow developed a time travelling ability and its occupants were transported 500 years into the past as the delightful murmurs of huddled children discussing their outfits and status of nobility could be heard throughout the corridors. Streams of Tudor outfits were moving through the corridors with a sense of pride and a wide smile buttoned to the faces of the children.


Natalie Portman's dress from The Other Boleyn Girl.

Natalie Portman’s dress from The Other Boleyn Girl.



The main event launched at lunch when the children were escorted to the hall. They entered to find all of the tables had been dressed with a range of colourful coverings and were accentuated by the fantastic Tudor outfits the children were wearing. This was no normal school lunch; this was a feast, a banquet fit for a King. After eating, children proceeded out to the playground with a rather comical sight of twenty Tudor children playing an intense game of football taking centre stage.


Rain shortly stopped the play and children returned to the class with a positive attitude and a sense of excitement for the afternoon ahead. The children were assembled in the Hall once again but were welcomed by the School Jester Miss Maltby showing her juggling skills; each time a ball fell to the floor a rapturous round of applause filled the hall. After organising the Children into their houses, the afternoon’s activities could begin.


Children partook in 4 exciting activities which included fantastic storytelling by the enthusiastic Mrs Slack, learning a traditional Tudor dance with the wonderful Miss Foster, a session of Tudor role play with event organiser Mrs Charman and a brief introduction to the Tudors with a ’Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ type quiz with Mr Turnbull; the last showing that the adults were just as excited and even more competitive than the children. As the day drew to a close the children departed with a sense of wonder and excitement at St Mary’s upcoming topic of ‘A Step Back in Time’.