February 2017 Hearing Dogs for the Deaf

Friday 3rd February, 2017

IMG_1780Today the children enjoyed a visit from Catherine from the charity Hearing Dogs for the Deaf and her dog Beni who is specially trained to assist adults and children with hearing difficulties. Beni lives with Catherine all the time and will spend his whole life helping her. Catherine spoke to the children about how Beni helps her by letting her know when her phone is ringing. She has to have a

special ring tone for her mobile so when they are out he only lets her know when it is her phone ringing. Imagine what it would be like if he let her know every time he heard a phone ring! Beni has his own special passport and travels everywhere with Catherine- the doctors, the IMG_1778dentist and even on a plane all the way to Spain! Beni wears a special Hearing Dogs coat to let people know he is a working dog, and although he is Shitzu Catherine explained she keeps his coat short and tidy so people don’t mind him coming in to their shop, office or taxi.

To finish off Beni and Catherine’s visit the children sung one of their favourite songs and practiced their singing. Benji behaved beautifully and sat and listened intently. Thank you for coming to visit us Beni. We hope we see you again soon.