Going For Goals Learning Journey – January 2015

As a start to our whole school learning journey: ‘Going for Goals’, Larch Class were excited to meet a paramedic, a fireman, an artist and other inspiring professionals. They were extremely lucky to hear about what the job entails and listen to all sorts of stories. Oak Class were visited by emergency service workers for a hands on experience, Mr McGlew (paramedic) demonstrated how to successfully bandage an arm.


Miss Foster said the event was ‘an inspirational experience that allowed children to consider the steps they would have to make to reach their goal’ and Mr Charman (firefighter) described Larch and Oak Class as ‘enthusiastic and a pleasure to visit’.


It has been lovely to see the children have such a practical experience and for St Mary’s Children to be so motivated and encouraged to look to the future and the steps they need to make to reach their ambitions. Mrs Charman said ‘the school is extremely lucky to have so many talented people so close to the school that can share their experiences, thank you so much!’