On Tuesday 28th January, we were visited by Jean and her friend Susannah, both of whom train guide dog puppies until they are around 14 months old. This assembly linked in with our Collective Worship theme of Justice, as we have been learning about those whom Jesus healed from blindness. Susannah brought in her puppy in training, Oscar, who proudly showed off some of the amazing things he already knew. He showed us how to find an empty seat, walk nicely on a lead and sit and wait. Jean and Susannah explained to the children all the different commands they teach the puppies and what happens to them once they leave their homes and go into advanced training. Jean and Susannah also explained to the children how important it is to never disturb a working guide dog (or a puppy in training) when they are out as one of the most important things a dog has to learn is to ignore distractions.

After the assembly, Jean, Susannah and Oscar went up on to the playground to chat to the children and answer some questions. Oscar enjoyed getting some fuss from some of the children!

Thank you, Jean and Susannah, and we look forward to hearing how the puppies get on in their training!