January 2017 Gardening Club

Thursday 5th January 2017

Gardening Club meets on Tuesday after school and is run by Mrs Palmer. Last term the children have been focusing on nature arts and crafts, including the work of Andy Goldsworthy.




5th November 2016

This week the children were exploring paper engineering to make stars. The challenge was to accurately cut 8 separate pieces of paper and then fold them together to form the star. Emelia said, “It was quite tricky. The hardest part was getting all the folding right.” The stars looked really effective and are going to be hung in the classrooms.

Last week Gardening Club were looking at the work of Andy Goldsworthy. Andy Goldsworthy was a British artist, and also a brilliant mathematician. Andy Goldsworthy created art with brightly coloured flowers, icicles, leaves, mud, pinecones, snow, stone, twigs, and thorns. His work was often ephemeral , meaning it does not last for long. He often used only his bare hands, teeth, and found tools to prepare and arrange the materials. Gardening Club preferred using their hands when they created their own works of art!

Gardening Club collected natural materials. The autumn leaves, conkers and seeds provided a rich resource of colours, sizes, textures and shapes. The results were stunning! Scroll down to see all the photos of their fantastic work.