July 2016 Headteacher For a Day

Having held a democracy day on Wednesday 6th July, where Larch Class turned into a polling station and pupils voted for their favourite candidate and manifesto, Zoe finally became head for the day.

The morning started with Zoe opening up and welcoming the children onto the playground.  Having conducted a learning walk ( a visit to each class) she knuckled down to business with Mrs Turner and a small matter of a mouldy fruit delivery that needed sorting out.

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Cleverly, Zoe called on her fellow class mates to give her hand, playing on each of their strengths.  This included the Year sixes meeting with Rev Julie to finalise details for the End of Year Service; the theatrical individuals helping Zoe write her assembly for that afternoon and the IT specialists to help write up the pupil voice results in Excel.

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This is what Zoe had to say about being head for the day on Monday 11th July: I started the day opening up the school and this was followed by a walk round visiting each class to make sure they were settled. When it was time to plan my assembly, I checked I had the best people to help me so I called upon Harry and Ella for their expertise.  Then it was time to meet with the Office to draft my emails about the school disco and own clothes day.  I did duty at 10.30 with the help of a friend and then another walk round with the help of Josh.  Later on some experts in excel from Lilac helped me analyse the pupil survey from Ofsted to make some graphs for the staff.  The day was a bit hard and I felt like I was all over the place doing things like taking photographs, leading assembly and making sure everyone was safe.  I have enjoyed it though!

Zoe raised £58.69 from her Tuck shop.  She also held a very successful own clothes day and disco on the playground   Zoe would like this Money to go towards playground equipment. Thank you Zoe!