June 2014 – Visit from teacher from Kajendere, Malawi

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Staff and children at St Mary’s have been privileged to welcome Madame Nkuna to our village school.   Madame Nkuna is a teacher at our link school in Kajendere, Malawi,  and she arrived in the UK on Wednesday, 18th June and is with us for a week.   She has embraced our life here in the UK and has quickly become a member of our school community.  The children adore her and were so excited to greet her and show her around our school.    We are linked to Kajendere School through the charity Starfish Malawi and we have visited the school, taught lessons there and stayed in the village alongside the teachers.  ​The children here learn about the way of life in Malawi through curriculum links, emails and recounts from staff and the children at Kajendere learn about us in a similar way.   Building on this link will create a greater understanding within our pupils of a different culture and way of life, helping them to become globally aware in a world that technology is rapidly bringing closer together.


Last Friday, 20th June, we held a Best of British Celebration for Madame Nkuna.  We had afternoon tea, played tug of war, danced may festival routines and taught Madame stoolball and then, to top it all off, we then launched an amazing Great Balloon Race.   Our thanks Mrs Tannock for organising this event.     The children were invited to enter the race by buying a balloon and tag which they could also sell to friends and family.  The balloons were then released by Madame Nkuna along with Sharon Hellaby representing our sponsors Foxwood Maclean (please see sponsorship link at end of page).  The event raised £401  which will buy 133 uniforms for the children of Kajendere!  The fundraiser was organised to buy as many uniforms as possible as children in Kajendere cannot attend school without them and the balloon colours represented the blue and yellow uniforms worn at school in Malawi.    The school also recently held a similar fundraiser called the Compassion Challenge, again for our friends in Kajendere, and this raised £395!  We are very proud of our children and our parents for their never-ending Christian charity and we thank them all; we are awaiting news of where the balloons have travelled!!





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