June 2015 – Dads Afternoon

Friday 19th June, 2015

This afternoon uncles, granddads, step dads, friends and dads were all invited in to school to enjoy an afternoon of St Mary’s fun and games.


Enjoying lunch

The afternoon started with a delicious lunch cooked by Miss Carly. The visitors were invited to sit down and the children then served lunch and enjoyed good food and conversation with their guests.


Celebration Assembly

Lunch was followed by celebration assembly where the children were awarded for that week’s achievements. Visitors were given a short presentation by Lilac about their current Fiver Challenge.

Enjoying a story together in Cherry class

Enjoying a story together in Cherry class

Visitors for Reception to Year 2 were invited in to the classroom to read stories, eat gingerbread men and do some craft activities. Visitors for Years 3-6 were invited over to the The Croft for a game of Frisbee Football. (please scroll down to the bottom for lots of photographs of the game) It was a beautiful day and although the visitors got a bit hot they found the game addictive and it was the perfect warm-up for the most eventful Tog o’ War ever in the history of St Mary’s.

Frisbee Football

Frisbee Football

The Tug o’ War started at 2.45 when all the visitors congregated on The Croft. There were about 30 men all tugging on a rope meant for 16. Perhaps none of us should have been surprised when the rope snapped. We definitely should not have been surprised when the rope snapped a second time!! Consequently no winners could be declared and the men returned back to school with rope burns, cuts, bruises and lots of great memories to collect their ‘I survived!’ certificates.

Tug o' War on The Croft

Tug o’ War on The Croft

Thank you so much to everyone who came in to St Mary’s to enjoy Dad’s Afternoon with us.

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