June 2015 – Talent Show

Friday 19th June, 2015

On Friday evening St Mary’s held its fourth annual Talent Show. This year was bigger and better than ever with 12 acts and about 120 people in the audience!

What do you call a bus with wings? An air bus!

What do you call a bus with wings? An air bus!

The show kicked off with some hilarious jokes delivered with impeccable and hilarious style. Unsurprisingly this comedian ended up winning 3rd place.

Singing '22'

Singing ’22’

Next on stage were two Year 3 girls singing ’22’ by Taylor Swift. They sang perfectly, and clearly had worked very hard to learn all their words. It was lovely to see them enjoying being on stage so much.

Hula hooping & violin playing duo

Hula hooping & violin playing duo

The next act was a first for St Mary’s, and possibly the world – a violin playing and hula hooping duo!! The girls both started with a hula hooping routine which involved hula hopping with one hoop round their waists and another round their arm – at the same time!! Then we were treated to some violin playing and a bit more haul hooping. This one was a really original act.

'Annie' sining 'Tomorrow"

‘Annie’ sining ‘Tomorrow”

The hula hooping was followed by a beautiful solo by one of the Year 1 girls. She was dressed just like ‘Annie’, complete with red, curly wig and Sandy the dog. ‘Annie’ sang perfectly, made easy for her after practising several times a night for weeks and weeks! She did a perfect job and moved many of the grown-ups in the audience to tears. It was a beautiful performance.

Miss Maltby, who was our compere for the evening, interviewing some 'annoying' siblings.

Miss Maltby, who was our compere for the evening, interviewing some ‘annoying’ siblings.

Next we enjoyed a funny poem which was written by 3 siblings to express how annoying they found each other! The girls did a great job wiring and reciting their poem and it was wonderful to see so much thought and creativity going in to their act.

Being interviewed after singing 'Firework'.

Being interviewed after singing ‘Firework’.

The last act before the interval was a rendition of ‘Firework’ by Katy Perry by a very brave Year 1 girl. She did an excellent job and  kept us all entertained.

A very funny start to the second half.

A very funny start to the second half.

During the interval we all enjoyed Heavenly Hartfield sausages, Nick the Butcher’s special recipe which was invented by one of the children at St Mary’s during our Farm to Fork learning journey. Thank you to the PTA for cooking and serving all the delicious food! We had a hilarious start to the second half as we were treated to more jokes by one of the Year 5 boys.

Singing 'Lips are Moving'

Singing ‘Lips are Moving’

Next on stage were some Year 5 girls singing Lips Are Moving by Meghan Trainor. The girls did a brilliant job with their song, and they too had obviously worked very hard to learn all the words to their song. Well done girls!

'Pippi the Puppet'

‘Pippi the Puppet’

The next act was a short dramatic play about Pippi the puppet. Pippi was a slightly sinister puppet which was passed down from a mother to her son. After years of being forgotten about in the attack Pippi finally took revenge on Jonathan on his mum. This drama was an original piece written, directed and acted by the 3 Year 5 girls.

'Bad Blood'

‘Bad Blood’

After all that drama we had the welcome calm of another song, this time ‘Bad Blood’, another Taylor Swift song. This is a really challenging song to sing, with lots of rapping sections, but the girls both did a fantastic job.

Ruby the amazing dancing dog

Ruby the amazing dancing dog

The penultimate act involved a Year 5 child teaching a ‘fake’ Ruby the dog how to dance Kung Fu Fighting and Gangnam dances. They also did a bit of hula hooping. Fake Ruby was  bit frightened of the hula hooping so ran off the stage, only to be joining a minute later by a real dog called Ruby who impressed the audience with some dancing and tricks. This act ended up winning second place.

'Dear Future Husband'

‘Dear Future Husband’

We left the best to last, as this fantastic group of girls ended up being the very worth winners of the Talent Show! They sang a perfect rendition of ‘Dear Future Husband’ and matched their singing talent by choreographing some brilliant dance moves too. The girls were very entertaining and professional and impressed everyone. Very well done girls!!

Last year's winner

Last year’s winner

While all the votes were being counted everyone was treated to a repeat performance by last year’s winner. This act involved hula hooping wearing various masks of teachers to songs which had a funny significance to the teachers concerned.

The teachers dancing to 'Cheerleader'

The teachers dancing to ‘Cheerleader’

The night was drawn to a fabulous and hilarious close by the teachers who performed a very funny dance to ‘Cheerleader’ by Omi.

Thank you so much to all the children who were stars on the night!

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