This week it was extremely windy, so we decided to adventure through the fields, rather than the woods. Maple Class had been reading the story of ‘We are going on a Bear Hunt’, so had a great time saying lines of the story as we squelched through mud and splashed in puddles. We stopped in the meadow to play a great game of ‘Giants, Wizards, Elves’ and then crossed the river Medway and had a quick game of ‘Pooh sticks’ as we crossed. The children were fantastic at supporting Maple class as we climbed multiple styles and gates, Some children braved the mud and went under the gates! We had time to stop for a drink and a few parachute games, where we sang and made a shelter with the parachute. Miss Banks puppy Poppy came along for the adventure and she was fantastic and friendly with the children, and a great stick carrier! We skirted the woods and saw a tree fall as we passed, then saw a pair of Doves at the farm before the end of the day. Thanks as always to our volunteers, and to all of the children who worked so well together supporting each other on the walk.