Year 6 finished their SAT’s this morning, so what a perfect day to celebrate by having an adventure to the woods in the gorgeous May sunshine. Year 5 have been practicing their ‘Bikeability’ skills all week, so it was the perfect opportunity to try out their new skills and cycle along the Forest Way to forest school this week.

Lilac Class were brilliant at cycling all the way to the woods and back to school. There was only one flat tyre on the way, but the farmer came to the rescue with a pump and so the ride home was uneventful, apart from the wind in their cycle helmets and the smell of spring flowers!
New high vis vests got their first outing!
Lilac Class all had a go at completing our leaf and flower printed banner for next weeks May Festival. They used picked flora and hammers and mallets to smash the dye out of the plants onto fabric to create this beautiful piece of graphic art.

The children had time to use the swing, which Mrs Taylor seemed to enjoy as much as the children! The class continued  their whittling skills and then had a go with their bows and arrows. As always there was time to have a go at mixing the earth to make clay and have a balance on the slack line. A huge thank you as always to our adult volunteers, who make this all possible by supporting the children learning new skills and having a go and getting fully involved as always.

The children created a beautiful den and started to thatch it with Hazel leaves.