The Impact of Forest School for the children is the knowledge the children have gained from the Forest School experience.

It poured with rain this afternoon, so we started our session inside. The children showed the impact of their learning when they recalled how they had made rosehip syrup during their last session and all had a bit as ‘medicine’, as children would have done during WW2.

The impact of Forest School can be seen through their observations of plants and trees.

Today they all saw how much lichen was growing on the tree at the start of the railway line, showing the purity of the air.

The children were challenged to collect as much water that the rain had deposited on hedgerows and plants along the way to the woods.

They showed how they could utilise their learning powers by showing great perseverance and ingenuity with how and where they collected the water from. This included jumping in puddles and collecting the slashes, to using an upturned umbrella and catching the fallen rain from the tarpaulin over the fire!

There was time to have a hot chocolate in the woods when we arrived- fairly wet, but cheerful.

The children collated all of their caught rainwater into a bucket. It turned out that they had collected a surprising amount. (Although there was rather a lot of ‘puddle water collected’!)

The slack line was moved to a different spot and the children had a go at showing the impact of the development of their risk taking and personal challenge skills. They had to climb around and through trees and were very successful in showing their developed skills.

Well done to the children for braving the wet weather of the British Winter so well and embracing the learning and challenge opportunities of being out in it.