Teamwork on the Sensory Trail

Growing in courage on the trapeze

Learning to fence

Testing the limits of the raft!

Great teamwork helped us build an awesome raft

At the end of May Lilac class Y5 and Y6, set off for an incredible adventure at PGL Hailsham. See our blog and photos below…

19th May 2017

We started our morning today with Aeroball and Tunneling. Tunneling was a very muddy affair, which just increased to level of fun and enjoyment. The children loved the basketball and trampolining and built up a healthy appetite for lunch.

After lunch we did the Sensory Trail. The children were blindfolded and lead around a sensory garden holding on to a rope. We then went to the Trapeze area – the children and Miss Maltby were very brave as the swing bar at the top of the pole looked very high from ground level

Tonight is our last evening here, so we will say farewell to PGL with a disco and dancing.



Another jam-packed, exciting day! After a very hearty breakfast, we started our morning session with the Giant Swing and Raft Building. Looking out-of-this-world, the kids gazed at the swing with stars in their eyes, and enjoyed the highs, and lows, of the colossal imitation of simple playground apparatus. With the raft building it was very evident that the kids were more interested in pushing each other in than keeping each other dry by building a sturdy, and adequately buoyant raft. Yet the smiles on faces and the laughter in the air more than made up for being a little bit damp.

After an energy-boosting lunch the kids learnt how to defend themselves in 19th century Britain with a spot of fencing. Their engarde, parrying and riposte was the envy of the instructor himself, a man who was thoroughly impressed by the kids etiquette, perhaps the most important of the many skills of fencing. Courage and perseverance were also on show in the afternoon as the kids braved the abseiling wall. While not everyone rapelled down the wall, all experience the dizzying heights atop.

And it’s not over yet: tonight’s activity is the Campfire – a great way to celebrate Leila’s birthday.

Getting to grips with the Big Swing