This week, Lilac Class finished off their topic, ‘Codebreakers’ with our very own Spy Day! We all came dressed in our best spy gear and brought in our home projects to present to the rest of the class. We had designed and written about our own spy gadgets in Literacy and brought them to life this week – well, as best we could, some of our ideas would take a lot more money and resources to actually build! Some of the gadgets we saw were spyglasses, spy pens, laser books, freeze-ray chocolate, USB credit cards and spike shoes. During the day, we learnt about the work of Alan Turing and others at Bletchley Park throughout World War 2 and even had a go at our own code breaking. We wrote descriptively about life at Bletchley Park based on some illustrations by an artist called Alex Leigh Whitworth and everyone created their very own secret spy names. I wonder if any of these amazing spies-in-training will end up working for Mi6 one day?