Lilac Residential Trip to Broadstone Warren – Day 2


JUNE, 2018

Chocolate Cake
Toast and Cereal
Room Inspections
Hitting Targets!
Sausage and Mash

After a successful party, playing outside and in and enjoying some rather delicious chocolate cake, we all had hot chocolate before settling for the night.  We were all down for breakfast nice and early and consumed our body weight in toast and cereal before setting forth for our activities.

Room inspections were amazing – you would be so impressed that clothes were hung up, windows opened and pyjamas folded on made beds.  We were even greeted with entertaining songs and dances!

Today was all about hitting targets!

Today was all about hitting targets as the children were entrusted with bows and arrows and rifles!  Fortunately we are all still in one piece and we have some rather proud children who have conquered fears and mastered skills they never thought possible. Its forest school this afternoon and we’re delighted to welcome Mrs Sanders to our team.

We are looking forward to sausage and mash dinner and a camp fire with our own pop corn and hot chocolate along with lots of songs and fun.

Frances Taylor

Acting Head of School

More updates tomorrow if we can!

Miss B  Mrs T the other Mrs T and Mrs S!