The Impact of Buddy time is for the children to build their confidence and personal and social relationships, to support them through their first year at School.

The impact can be seen through the skills learned, activities we do, and the observations and discussions which the children have with each other.

At SMV Maple Class and their Year 6 Buddies have half an hour together every Tuesday afternoon.

So far this term the children have made collages of themselves. They have learned to use scissors and glue to make a collage. The children all talked about how they are special.

They have been on a number hunt around the school, where they spotted numbers in classrooms and the outdoor environment. It was also a chance to become more familiar with the school building, with support from their knowledgeable Buddies.

This week the Reception cohort shared their ‘All About Me’ books, which they made in the summer. They talked about things that they liked, places they have been and asked questions about each other.