The Impact of Forest School for the children is the knowledge the children have gained from the Forest School experience.

The impact can be seen through the skills, tools used, art and craft activities, observations and knowledge of the fruit, plants trees in relation to the seasons and the skills involved in learning how to play Forest School games.

We all learned how to climb a stile safely. We looked closely at acorns, blackthorn and the falling leaves. We talked about how to be safe and that we shouldn’t ever put anything we pick in our mouths, because it might make us ill, or poison us.

The children learned that the ‘Wellingtonia’ Tree showed us the way to go. They learned that they could identify it by looking at the skyline and finding the triangle shaped tree.

The children have started learning the skills involved in independently climbing the stiles on the way to the woods.

The children learned how to think of their safety and that of others when we were on the old railway line. We met Benny and Miss Hare on their lunchtime walk and talked about how we mustn’t approach dogs we don’t know. We met a man who was out looking for his missing dog. The amazing Miss Bews managed to find the dog and re-unite it with its owner- what a winner!

The children learned to shout ‘Pedal Power’ to others to warn each other of oncoming cyclists, so they can be safely to the side as the cyclists pass.

The puddles were fun!

At the bridge the children threw leaves over the edge and watched them float down.

The equipment we used today was the handwashing canister. We learned to wash our hands in the woods ready for a snack after our long walk!

The children explored their own interests in the woods, exploring the site and finding a swing to practise their independence at using it.

They also showed how they are learning to work together to take it in turns to have a go in the hammock.

It was great to see the perseverance of the children getting themselves ready, walking all the way to the woods with such enthusiasm and interest in their Autumn environment and their curiosity and teamwork in the woods.

A massive thanks to our volunteers who supported the children with all of their exploring and learning. We can’t wait until next time!