This term our learning journey is ‘Turrets and Tiaras’. The children all had a willow horse or dragon to name and ride on to the woods, as Knights, Kings and Princesses. It was a sunny afternoon and the children started by spotting spring flowers and looking at shadows created by the oak tree along the school drive.

Along the way the children found different parts of their environment to climb and sing ‘I’m the King of the castle….’. The muddy mound, the
bridge, and an overturned bath were all great exploring, sliding and chanting places. The impact of Forest School can be seen through the skills,
tools used, art and craft activities, observations and knowledge of the fruit, plants trees in relation to the seasons and the skills involved in learning how to play Forest School games. Using sticks, charcoal and paper bags, the children had a go at making shields for themselves by designing, then weaving sticks through their paper. Some children extended their ideas by using wood, wire and palm drills to create a shield.

There was some great collaborative tree climbing, balancing on the slack line without a support line, swinging in the hammock and some stream

The plants we saw today were bluebells and we heard lots of birds singing and even spotted some fluttering butterflies on the way out of the woods!