The sun shone and we talked about the difference in the weather from yesterday’s rain, when we got soaked walking to church. We talked about how the size of the puddle on the school drive changes when it rains and when the sun comes out.

The children explained about how to stay safe when crossing the road, by holding hands in pairs, stopping, looking and listening and staying in a line.

We looked at plants and tracks along the way, talking about the colours, textures and trying to identify them.

Before we left we read a story about hedgehogs and the children learned that they can make nests, eat insects and climb walls. They pretended to be hedgehogs on the journey and through their exploring in the woods.

We sang and tapped sticks to repeated rhythms and then the children used them to make the letters we had learned this week- X,Y,V and W. They then rolled the logs to look for hedgehog food and found worms and slugs.

Some children used the clay and teasels to create their own hedgehogs, then build nests for them out of sticks and leaves. Others worked together to develop the den out of large sticks.