The sun shone and we spotted spring crocuses with honey bees and talked about them finding nectar to make honey from.

We sung a song of spring:

‘Spring is here said the bumblebee,
How do you know said the old oak tree?
Because I saw a daffodil,
Dancing with the fairies on the windy hill.’

We climbed the style, squelched in mud, looked at shapes in the boot prints, talked about how full the stream was getting and spotted a spring celandine flower.


After a quick climb on the gate, we talked about it being made of metal and how it felt cold today.

The wind had blown the shelter down during the last week, so the children worked as a team to haul on the ropes to reconstruct it.

Thanks again to our fantastic volunteer and the children.

Mrs Sanders.

The children spotted their shadows and made some letters using their arms, hands and fingers.

We had a snack on the bridge and counted two pairs of cyclists. We had an apple core and egg throwing challenge, talking about distance and height thrown!

The children found tapping sticks in the woods and had a drink of hot squash.

There was enough time for a quick climb, swing and chop of the log and mix in the clay before the end of the day.