In the morning, we had a go at using a saw to cut logs to make ‘ Dino Log Dogs’ The children talked about how to keep themselves safe by wearing gloves to protect their hands. They used their imaginations to create dinosaur faces for their logs and had a go at tying string to the logs to make a lead. At school they made up stories and played with their dinosaurs in the morning.

In the afternoon we took them for a walk to the woods!

The children played some ‘you are only safe if you are touching…’ games and all learned about how to recognise silver birch trees and celandines.

We had a go at estimating the height of a tree, by counting our steps away from a tree and looking at it between our legs….thats Forest School triganometry that is! We spotted some fallen trees and discovered one tree was rotten in the middle, by feeloing the difference between hard and soft wood.

When we got to the woods we had time for a quick swing together and found some ivy and feathers.