The children started their afternoon by looking out for and collecting rubbish, using a new grabber. By the end of the afternoon they had a whole bag full and talked about how different materials such as metal and glass could be recycled.

The whole class fitted in a puddle on the croft.

There were some great puddles along the way!

The children looked at different shaped flower petals along the way, talking about the heart shaped wild rose petals.

We counted 16 heads of elderflower which we can make into elderflower cordial

The children measured themselves against the grass in the meadow. All of them were proudly taller than the grass!

As always, listening for the troll under the bridge was fun!

As always the slack line was brilliant!

The children dug up some bluebell bulbs and crushed them to make glue. They then tested it by sticking leaves onto the tree trunks.

Thanks to the ptfa for funding some of our new Forest School equipment… the children already love the new trowels, wheelbarrow and litter picker!