It was a freezing day, but we wrapped up really warm, with hats and gloves and set off to look for birds along the way to the woods. Some children collected soft items, such as moss, grass or sticks to build a nest for the birds.

The children looked at RSPB ‘Big Garden Bird Watch’ identification sheets to help them talk about and identify birds. We saw lots of pigeons, some blackbirds and some crows. We heard pheasants in the woods.

We talked about how the rain has made the fields really muddy. We had fun squelching in it and jumping in muddy puddles.

We learned the call of a Green Woodpecker, spotted Woodpecker, Blackbird and listening to our toy birds.

Once we got to the woods, we had some hot drinks, swung on the hammocks, used wooden axes to chop a rotten log, and were silent for a woodland whisper, which we managed to send from one end of the Maple Class line, all the way to the other. What great teamwork and listening skills Maple Class!