It was our first trip to the woods and we were fantastic at getting ourselves ready and dressed in our waterproofs.

We held hands around the tree to try to measure how large the trunk was. We all fitted round it and then looked at how tall it was and wondered if we could climb to the top.

We looked at the acorns under the large Oak tree on the school drive.

The children felt the bark of the Wellingtonia tree on the town croft. “It feels all squishy!” “Yeah and a bit soft….why is it soft?”” The leaves are really spikey”.

We journeyed along the railway line, finding insects, plants, bridges, gates, stiles and even a troll!

Once in the woods we had a chance for a quick snack.

We had time to explore the woods, hiding in den’s, swinging and balancing on the slack lines and hammocks.

Thank you to our fantastic volunteers for coming and helping the children and enjoying the outdoor space with us. We wouldn’t be able to do it without you!