Inspired by our book ‘The Night Pirates’, we have gone pirate mad this week. We had lots of pirate fun. We all dressed up as pirates and enjoyed talking to each other about different features of our outfits. We had eye patches, treasure, cutlasses, headscarves and stripey shirts galore!

We played a game of ‘Port, Starboard, Bow, Stern’, following the verbal and visual clues to move (as fast as possible) to different places in the gym. We also had to respond with particular actions when we heard ‘man overboard’, or ‘land ahoy’ or ‘scrub the decks.’

We then had a treasure hunt! We had to listen carefully to the clues before deciding where to look for the treasure the pirates had left for us. They had hidden some chocolate treats for us in the out-side house! We enjoyed eating them in the sunshine.

Finally, we danced to some sea shanties and played musical statues and musical bumps!