Maple Forest School 15th March 2018

Mrs Louise Sanders

Maple Class Teacher

We made ‘log dogs’ and took them on a walk to the woods with us today. We tied string to logs and drew faces on them. All the children thought of names for their dogs and some made up stories inspired by ‘We are going on a bear hunt’ when they saw big puddles and lots of mud!

We had a brilliant time taking our log dogs for a walk. They loved swimming in puddles and splashing about in the stream. Some children worked out that their log dogs floated. “Look mine is gliding in the water!”


Due to the size of the puddles and levels of excitement we talked about having wet feet and how that felt. The children thought that it was a bit squidgy and cold, but carried on regardless!

We spotted a Heron on the water meadows and talked about how they like wet areas. We noticed how full the river Medway was due to the rain and some children were interested to know that their house was named after the river Medway- “ That’s my river!”

We explored clay this afternoon and extended our learning from this morning. We had been practising drawing and creating in a sand tray, developing our fine motor control through sensory exploration and used our drawings and marks to make up stories with each other. We talked about how the clay felt and extended our vocabulary with adjectives such as squidgy, squishy, cold, slippery and slimy. We talked about how the water had made the soil wet and transformed it into clay and worked out that the bucket was half full of water and so the children wanted to pour it out to get to the clay below.

The children challenged themselves with the hammock and swing, trying to work out how high to swing and push and how to wait and negotiate turn taking.

We were quite exhausted by our adventure, and the children discussed how their legs and bodies felt after the walk. “I just need to sit down for a little rest with my dog. “

Another great afternoon Maple class, I hope you all enjoy further adventures with your log dogs at home!