On the 1st of May we visited the Briar’s Field Centre. Mrs and Mr Rowberry helped us to pond dip and identify lots of different bugs which lived in and on the two ponds. We found water fleas, mayflies, water beetles, pond skaters and tadpoles. The children all used nets and pots to catch and identify the creatures they had found.

The children used lots of mathematical language to describe, count and compare the sizes of the creatures.

The children were led through the woods to investigate some bug traps and used magnifying glasses to look closely at the creatures that they found.

We learned that over 100 species can live in an oak tree! The children measured it to see if they could all fit around the trunk of the 300 year old tree.

The children had a snack in the 100 Acre Wood and listened to a story by A A Milne about how Pooh Bear invented the game of Pooh Sticks and then had a go, discussing the sizes and shapes of their sticks. Everyone was a winner once!

They observed the woods and paths on their walk, looking out for interesting shaped leaves, mini-beasts, footprints, animals, moss and ferns, hawthorn leaves and flowers

We had a lovely picnic lunch in the sunshine. The children walked back to the village brilliantly. They went over styles and under fences and through gates. They were brilliant at reading the road signs, and road numbers on the way back.

The children were so good at walking that we had time for a quick play in the playground on the town croft before we went to the weekly church assembly.

A huge well done to the children for getting so involved and inquisitive with the questions about their topic this week. And a massive thanks to Mrs and Mr Rowberry for engaging the children and letting them learn at the Briar’s Field centre.