March 2015 – Blue Peter Badge Winners


9 children from St Mary’s Wildlife Explorers Club have been awarded green Blue Peter badges – congratulations!

The Wildlife Explorers Club meet every week to work on a variety of conservation tasks.

They have set up a small pond, looked after gardens, made mini-beast habitats and organised wildlife support.


Each club member sent a letter explaining their contributions for the sought-after BBC Blue Peter badge and to their delight they were awarded Green Badges for their environmental activities.
The whole school is delighted with the pupils’ achievement.

Oliver Jeffries, who attends the Wildlife Explorers Club sent the following in to the Courier newspaper:

“I go to St Mary the Virgin School in Hartfield and it was me who had the
idea to get the Blue Peter badge. As I am a Blue Peter viewer I thought it
would be nice to set a challenge for my club to get the green badge, so I
told the leader about my idea and we gave it a go, so I wrote a letter and they sent my badge back.”

AsaresultofOliver’slettertheCouriercameintophotographtheclubmemberswearingtheirbadges! This article is due to be published in next week’s edition of the East Grinstead Courier – keep an eye out.

Since receiving their badges the club have continued to work tirelessly to improve the local school environment by tidying up our raised beds and planting seeds; they also completed a litter pick in and around the school car park and were astounded at the amount and variety of rubbish left just lying around!

The whole school is delighted with their achievement.Blue Peter