May 2016 – May Festival

May Festival

On a beautiful spring day on Friday 20th May, our children delighted us all with a wonderful display of maypole dancing at our traditional May Festival. Not only did they look delightful in their costumes but they displayed their talents for great teamwork, co- ordination and perseverance in learning some quite difficult routines. They also demonstrated how they overcame adversity when things went wrong (although I’m sure you hardly noticed and smiled all the way through!) Please school down to the bottom of this page to see all the photographs.

Here are just a few of the things the children said about the festival: Miss Maltby made a speech; Grace and Jules were brilliant; it’s awesome how Y6 plait it up for the Y5s next year.

The whole event was supported by our PTFA who sold a sumptuous selection
of homemade cakes. The sale of cakes and photos raised the staggering sum of £248.22 and we are hugely grateful to the PTFA for their efforts in raising
this money to go towards much-needed equipment for the school. Thanks also
to the PTFA for all their help in setting up the event and for the presentation of a cheque for £5000. The money being spent on a new clevertouch board, blinds, music trolley and First Aid lesson for the children will make a huge difference to the children’s learning or life skills.

A huge thanks must also go to our lovely teachers and assistants for making the whole thing possible. Well done to everyone!

Saturday 7th May, 2016. Coleman’s Hatch May Fair

On Saturday St Mary’s was very honoured to be asked back to dance around the Maypole to celebrate the arrival of Spring at the Coleman’s Hatch May Fair. The children were all very excited to once again be putting on their special Maypole costumes, picking up the brightly coloured ribbons and weaving intricate patterns through their dances. The team started with The Plait and then moved on to the more ambitious Spider’s Web. 16 children dancing with ribbons and in different directions could be a challenge – but not for St Mary’s. The children did a beautiful job of entertaining the crowds and everyone agreed the music, ribbons and costumes combined perfectly with the children’s happy faces to help make a very special occasion. Well done to all the pupils who danced so beautifully, and thank you for joining us on Saturday.

Thank you very much to everyone at Coleman’s Hatch for inviting us to the fair.