Newsletter – 6th July, 2012

[mls_h1]Dear Parents and Governors[/mls_h1]


Our year 6 children have been enjoying cyling proficiency training this week. They have been practising road safety awareness both on the playground and on the local road. This is a really important skill for the children to develop before they move on to their secondary schools. We are planning to implement this on an annual basis earlier in the school year – so be ready year 5’s!

[mls_h2]Leavers Service at Worth Abbey[/mls_h2]

This is a moving on celebration for year 6 that we attend each year. This year’s service at Worth Abbey was enjoyed and appreciated by our children and other local church schools.

[mls_h2]Parents’ Evening[/mls_h2]

It was nice to see so many of you and I hope you found the feedback on how your children are progressing very useful.

[mls_h2]Sports Champion Visit[/mls_h2]

Last month Heather Olver, GB international badminton player visited our school. Heather has represented our country at the world event championships in both doubles and mixed doubles. She spent time with Larch and Cherry classes showing them her sport and getting them involved in a question and answer session about being an Olympian.


I’m afraid nits are doing the rounds at school. check your children’s hair each night and treat accordingly. For information on treating headlice please click here

[mls_h3][mls_mark]The Brice Family Leaving Party is on Saturday 14th July. Everyone is very welcome.[/mls_mark][/mls_h3]

[mls_h2]End of Year Service[/mls_h2]

The End of year school church service and prize giving will take place on Thursday, 19 July at 2pm in the church. Please do join us to celebrate the past year.

[mls_h2]The Olympic Torch[/mls_h2]

As I mentioned last week The Olympic Torch is coming to Crowborough on Tuesday 17th July.

We have organised a pitch on Chapel Green for the Whole School

to participate in this event. More details will come out next week including the coach arrangements.

If you ad your child would like to discover more information about the Olympic Torch please see more information at the end of this newsletter.

[mls_h2]Fire Safety Visit[/mls_h2]

The Fire Officer visited today Cherry and Willow where they learnt about fire safety procedures for home. If you have not got a smoke alarm in your home and you would like to find out more information call the fire safety team on 0800 177 7069 or have a look at their website at the end of this newsletter.


Andrea Jefferies, Senior Librarian, visited our school to explain this year’s Summer Reading Challenge. Your children will have already brought home a bookmark and attached is the information you need if your child would like to participate in this year’s scheme.

[mls_h2]Summer Holiday Clubs[/mls_h2]

Please see attached leaflet from our very own Paul Dolton. Please make contact with him if you are interested in his holiday club.

[mls_h2]Church News[/mls_h2]

This Sunday service (8th July) is “Kidz Praise” – a short child friendly service. The children are encouraged to join in, play musical instruments and have fun! Refreshments are available afterwards to enable the children to pay and the parents to chat.

15 July – Children’s activities in the school hall at 12.15pm followed by a “Bring & Share” BBQ lunch at the Paynter’s House. 22 July is “Easy Space” – café, croissants and live music. 29 July is traditional Holy Communion Service.

Do have a restful weekend.

[mls_h3]Mrs A E McGlew[/mls_h3]



[mls_mark]STAR OF THE WEEK[/mls_mark]

Molly Hooker

Rosie Hooker

Lottie Hayward-Hill

Izzy Turner

Well done STARS!

[mls_mark]ETOILE DE LA SEMAINE[/mls_mark]

Freddy Kent

Zack Policky

Lea Wellbelove

Emily Rickets

Très bien Etoiles!

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[mls_h1]London 2012 Olympic website[/mls_h1]

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[mls_h1]Fire Service Website[/mls_h1]

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