November 2014 – Maple class visit Pooh Corner

As part of the whole school learning journey: ‘From Farm to Fork’ Reception class, aged 4, have a role play café where they act out being a customer, a waitor or a cook. They pretend to send for food grown on a farm and they pretend to deliver it. A significant question that arose during this time was: ‘How many of the children had actually been to a real café?’ How many of them knew about ‘Pooh Corner Café’ which was on the school’s doorstep? Their class teacher, Mrs Slack, organised a morning visit to the café.

The children were buzzing on the morning of the trip. They all had 1 pound to spend and they were very excited. After a brief walk in the glorious Autumn sunshine, the children arrived at the café and knocked on the door. They were given a very warm welcome by the managing director, Julie Ashby, who showed them where they could get cosy on cushions and snuggle up to large Winnie the Pooh characters. Mrs Slack read them a story all about Pooh’s invention of the game Pooh Sticks. They were then taken in small groups to a table, where they had a drink of squash and a cupcake.

Before the children left the café, they paid their pound to Julie at the till and she presented them with a surprise goody bag! The children were thrilled and couldn’t wait to open them!
A customer, who sat at a table next to the children, said, “ What well behaved children!” Mrs Slack, their class teacher, said, “Now that they have experienced a real café, they will be able to introduce new ideas within their role-play café at school.” Ms Baughan, the classroom assistant said, “The children were a delight to take out and were a credit to the school.”