October 2016 French Breakfast


Ouh là là quelle matinée …oh no, I’m obviously still in French mode… Coming into the school on Monday morning there was a definite French atmosphere about the place. The tables in the hall were laid out with baskets full of delicious “croissants, pains au chocolat, brioches, tartines” and there were jugs of “chocolat chaud, jus de pomme et jus d’orange” ready to be served.

School uniforms had been swapped for colourful “bleu, blanc, rouge” clothing and the hall was decorated with beautiful posters made by the children of all classes to celebrate our annual French Breakfast.
After a “…bon appétit” signal the children started eating and, what had taken weeks in the making just disappeared in 45 minutes!

French words, laughter and delight filled the room and afterwards in their classes the children discussed what they had eaten and enjoyed, all expressed in French of course!

Maîtresse Valérie