October 2016 Lilac Class BBQ Rap



This is the Veggie rap

You can also put it in a bap

Murder a mushroom

kill a courgette

tear and tomato

petrify a pepper

soak it in water

burn it alive

eat it for dinner

that’s how the veggie rap goes!

Today we all got to school really excited, wanting to know what our marble treat was. on the playground before school, we were talking to Mrs Palmer and she told us we were having a BBQ – spoiler alert!  In class after the register, Ms Battle announced we were cooking vegetable kebabs out of pepper, tomato, mushroom and courgette.  We lit the fire: 4 mini grills and had six to each one.  After that we cut up the veg( no-one hurt themselves thank goodness – good safety talk Ms Battle) and once we had finished cutting, we oiled them and headed to the fire.  We put the kebabs on the fire for around 15mins and mine smelt amazing.  We all went back to larch and ate our kebabs with pitta and bread.  I highly recommend doing this; it was so much fun and really yummy! It was awesome and by far the best marble treat ever.